Nowadays the world is becoming increasingly transparent, interconnected and globalised. More and more people want to live beyond the political borders in order to take multiple advantages from the cross-border opportunities, such as free travel, better quality of life, tax reduction, an unlimited access to the financial, medical and educational facilities, and many more.


Moreover, the possession of the residency permit in a secure country can provide additional security and independence for the whole family. If needed, the holders of the residence permit can move to the country of residence much quicker and without any administrative formalities.


The residence planning is becoming extremely important especially for those individuals and families who live whether in the countries with unstable political and economic situation or in the countries with the limited tax planning options.

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Applying for the new residence permit is a complex process, and many various factors should be taken into account, including your financial status, qualifications, county of origin, family situation, etc.


We employ an individual approach to each client, a high level of confidentiality and professional support at all stages including:


choosing the right jurisdiction
assistance in the visa application
negotiations with the local authorities
legal consulting
international tax planning


Contact us to discuss your individual situation and needs, we will help you develop an optimal concept adapted to your requirements for obtaining a new resident status.