Living in neighbouring France? Consider a great number of cross-border advantages


France has traditionally been a country with many attractive advantages, such as fairly open immigration policy,  top  living  standards, anexcellent mild climate and a friendly environment, a unique  cultural  heritage, economic stability,and its location in the centre of Europe. All these criteriaput togetherproducesanenormous positivesynergy effect  for  all  its inhabitants.


State  internal  policy  is  very  loyal  to  the   foreigners who come  to  settle  in  France  for  studying,  working, retiring, or doing business.  Every  French  resident  has almost  the  same  privileges   as  a  French citizen, as  for  example a free education in the public schools and universities, access to high-end  infrastructure  and  excellent healthcare facilities, and visa-free travel all  around Europe.


The region « France voisine» (neighbouring France) includes the French departments Ain and Haute-Savoie, and is surrounded by the Swiss cantons Vaud and Geneva. This region, situated near Geneva Lake, is harmoniously integrated with the Swiss lifestyle and has a number of great benefits when choosing a place to settle into. The excellent infrastructure, along with a truly multinational environment, and an important French heritage linked with Swiss quality will ensure a world class lifestyle in the Swiss-French Geneva Lake region.


Unlike Switzerland, therearen’tany restrictionsin France on the acquisition of the real estateproperties by foreigners. Moving to neighbouringFrance couldbean attractive option for those who wish to live and work in the Geneva Lake region.

Acquisition of real estate in France is a highly reliable form of investment. France is one of the few countries whichhas always attractedforeign investors, even in times of economic recession. It is a country with a stable law and an advanced legal system which reliably protects the property rights of any resident, regardless of his nationality.


Additionally, an acquisition of the residential property in France provides a possibility to obtain a residence permit.