Thanks to our well-established network of capital providers, we are able to provide the best possible financial solutions to meet your requirements.


Lombard lending


To support and grow your business, you may need to access and use funds in the most effective way.


Lombard lending enables you to use a wide range of credit products that are secured against your investment portfolio. With a Lombard loan, you can retain your existing investment and leverage your portfolio.


This enable you to increase your financial flexibility, optimise your cash-flow and obtain higher investment return.


A Lombard lending is often used by the active entrepreneurs who need a liquidity for their business purposes but do not want to sell their existing holdings.


The Lombard lending has the following advantages:


Allows you to retain the ownership of your portfolio and simultaneously to take advantage from the additional financial resources.
Convenient and cost-effective option.
The interest rates are lower than the rates of the traditional loans.
Accessible even with relatively small current portfolio.


Real estate financing


Investing in property on the unknown market is a complex process. Whether you want to invest directly in the real estate or refinance your property, you can rely on our specialists.


Our professional team provide assistance in obtaining the mortgage financing on the purchase of the properties in Switzerland, France and some other high-end areas.


Due to our close cooperation with leading banks and other financial institutions, we can facilitate the financing of your real estate on the very competitive conditions.