Direct Private Equity Investments


Private equity investments can help to improve the overall diversification and a return of your investment portfolio.


Depending on the situation, our clients act as investors or co-investors in the private equity funds or in the small and middle-size companies. The main geographical scope is Switzerland and EU.


Our highly experienced team can identify the most valuable investment opportunities and to assist in investing alone or pulling together a group of like-minded co-investors.


Our investment strategy is mainly focused on assisting investors to provide development capital to the companies seeking to expand their business.


Tech start-up investments


Our professionals will help you to identify and evaluate the most prominent fin-tech, med-tech and prop-tech investment opportunities, mainly on the European market.


The advantages are evident: these start-ups already have a technology, developed prototype, customers network, and posess the necessary licences, which allow to generate immediately a cash flow and be past initial costs.




Acquisition of the existing business will often be a safer option and represent less risks than starting a new business from scratch.


Acquiring a business is a complex process, especially if you operate on a new market. Indeed, the identification and selection of a company that fits the acquisition criteria can be a time-consuming process.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and a well-established network, we are well positioned to efficiently identify the potential targets which matches your exact criteria.


While determining the target business, its size, your budget and available financial resources, we assist in their assessment in order to estimate their growth potential and potential return. When transaction is over, we can help on the integration of the acquired company in the existing business.


In certain cases, we can assist in obtaining a financing for the acquisition transaction. We work closely with a number of well recognized banks, investment companies and funds.