Our company offers a broad range of real estate projects, including the renovation of the commercial or residential buildings, or construction of the new properties which can be sold or rented.


The investors frequently participate in the real estate projects using the strategies “buy and hold” or “build and hold”, since a strong demand, attractive interest rates, stable price growth, a regular income finally provide a good capitalization of the projects.


The average project duration varies from 6 months till 3 years, and the return on the investment could be from 8% till 18% per annum.


The interest rates of 1-2% p.a. are very appealing for foreign investors and developers. They attract  a great number of Swiss and foreign investors and developers from all around the world who successfully use these advantages to receive a long-term stable income in Swiss francs.


We help you to select the investment project which meets your requirements, to participate as an investor or a co-investor through the club deal, to obtain a project financing, to find the tenants.


Meanwhile, when the project is implemented we can offer a number of exit opportunities through its subsequent sale as a turn-key business to the investment funds or other major players in the property market.


 Project for reconstruction of penthouse