We offer a wide selection of the commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, office centres, supermarkets and small boutiques, medical centres, student accommodations, mainly on the well-established European markets, including Switzerland and France.


We work directly with the property owners, developers, funds and other real estate institutions.


We source the most valuable high-end commercial properties with the strong tenants and long-term lease contracts which generate a stable yield.


Today, commercial real estate, especially office buildings and  shopping centres in Switzerland,  are in a high demand  driven by demographic factors and a relatively  low rate new construction.


A  steady  stream  of international  companies  transferring their head offices to Switzerland guarantees that  the commercial  property will remain available only  during a very short period of time.


The rental yield varies between 3,5% and 8% depending on the property location. The return on the investment could be up to 14 % per annum if the investors use the bank financing.


Our close partnership with the leading banks allow to get up to 60% of financing with an attractive interest rate 1,5-2,8% p.a.


We assist you in various aspects regarding the acquisition of commercial real estate. Thanks to our partnership with key market players and our extensive experience in this field, we are able to provide you with exclusive access to commercial real estate properties both on- and off- the market. 

We also help with the operational management of the properties, including a maintenance of the building, tenants selection, control over the rent and insurance payments.